We offer our clients all of the tool solutions for Trumpf style punching, used for Trumpts, Haco and Pullman punching machines.

Although we are not affiliated with these companies, we supply all of the tools (punch, die, stripper, guide, adapters, inserts and all other tools related to these punching machines). Sizes and forms from 0 to 3 for all standard forms or special, forming tools and cluster are also available.

We are able to assist each of our clients, recommending tools based on the necessities of their machine and their projects.


  • Available tools dimensions 0A, 0B e Size 1, 2, 3
  • ┬áStandard and Heavy Duty tools are both available online
  • All tools are of high quality
  • The tools are made of HHS steel (quick steel) and HWS (non deformable steel)
  • Forms, dimensions and necessary special tools are available on request through
  • Most product choices are shipped within 7 business days.


Prodotti stile Trumpf disponibili online  width=

  • Standard e Heavy Duty Punch (HD) 0A / 0B, Size 1, 2 e 3
  • Diei Size 1, 2 e 3
  • Standard, Whisper, Concave e Rooftop
  • Standard stripper and PU
  • Multitool (Revtool) Stations 4, 5, 6 e 10
  • Slitting tools 5 x 30, 5 x 56 e 5 x 76.2
  • Adapters, inserts, alignment rings and other