Meet the LF1390- Laser cutting macchine

Meet the LF1390- Laser cutting macchine


The LF1390 laser cutting macchine is of compact dimentions with 3rd generation Aviation Aluminum Gantry. It’s manufactured with aereospace standrds and fromed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding. It’s gantry does not have a sand hole and can reach 66061 T6- the strongest strength.

The macchine has a Dual Rain and Dual Driver Design and, on both sides, the Y-axis is equipped with two rail guide and double ball drive screw design, to ensure the straightness and arc degree when the high-speed cutitng is in operation.

The LF1390 can focus automatically without manual operation. The software automatically adjusts the focus lens to realize automatic perforating and cutting places of different thickness. The speed of the automatically adjusting focus lens is ten times that of a manual adjusting lens.

The laser cutting macchine has a big adjustment range: 10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20mm, different types of plates and a long service life. The collimeter lens and focus lens both have water cooling heat sink which improves the life of the macchine by reducing the temperature of the cutting head.

The LF1390 transmission is equipped with Japanese Panasonic servo motor, imported TBI dual driver grinding ball screw for Y and X and Hiwin guide rail, positioning accuracy of the macchine tool can be 0.008mm and the cutting acceleration is 0.5G all features which assure precision. The working life of the macchine is over 10 years.

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