Laser Sharp 2060

Laser Sharp 2060

The new large size laser machine from

Prima Power suitable for heavy duty applications


  • Laser sharp 2060 is the latest addition to the Prima Power family of 2D laser machines. It is a large-sized fiber laser machine for processing medium and large sheets. Strong, reliable and precise, it is a workhorse for modern workshops.
  • Sharp by definition, with its large size, sturdy construction and high available laser power, this product is suitable for a wide range of heavy industries such as agriculture and construction, heavy industries and commercial vehicles.
  • Laser Sharp combines high productivity, also thanks to the best piercing time in the category, with high efficiency and low maintenance, guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio

The numerical control system is developed and manufactured by Prima Electro, a company part of the Prima Industrie Group. It controls the X, Y and Z axes of the machine, the focal axis, the laser generator and the process gases, and has the capacity to control other axes also.

The software includes an information system with alarm code explanations, user manuals, dynamic work queue and fast file transfer functions. All these concur to support the operator in different ways facilitating and promoting self-learning, providing instructions for recovery operations and easy access to electronic manuals, spare parts manuals and so on.

A technological database is stored on the CNC computer providing a large number of cutting parameters for different types of materials. To optimise parameters quickly for new or different materials, the laser cutting parameters can be modified directly in the database. The operator can also customise cutting parameters online, directly from the touch screen panel, while laser cutting is in progress (e.g. feed rate, cutting gas pressure and so on).

Main features:
  • Total integration with laser generator
  • Numerical control, integrated with the machine, based on standard PC
  • XML Programming
  • 19″ LCD touch screen
  • Prima Power servo drives
  • Advanced automatic and manual Restart functions
  • Advanced automatic and manual Restart functions
  • Editing, previewing and tracing functions
  • Optical Precision Control (OPC) for lens centering diagnostics
  • Automatic referencing system for quickly updating the program with the real position of the sheet on the machine
  • Online Use, Programming and Maintenance Manual with intuitive diagnostics
  • Possibility to create, execute and modifiy job lists for unmanned operation
  • TELESERVICE connection to Prima Power Customer Service
  • E-mail messages can be sent to notify of expired periodic maintenance or machine failures.

Auto-focusing cutting head and beam delivery system

Prima Power has developed its new fiber Head with adaptive optics for the automatic management of the focal position and diameter and a fast, reactive and accurate stand-off measurement.
The new head is designed for excellent cutting quality and dynamics on all materials, the highest cutting pressures (certified mechanical structure) and the harshest environment (totally sealed and protected case).

The head is equipped with a single focusing lens, suitable for all production needs. Protective glass is integrated into dedicated drawer, for an easier inspection.
By controlling adjustment of focus position and focus diameter, flexibility in cutting of various sheet thicknesses without manual intervention is assurance of highest productivity in manufacturing. The focus position changes by moving the collimation lenses, while the focus diameter can be changed by varying the focal length of the collimation independently.

Lens centring is automatically controlled by the Optical Precision Control (OPC) function as and when necessary or when they are used for the first time. Possible differences between the real position and the theoretical focused beam position are shown on the graphical user interface of the control system.
Two rotary knobs located at the front of the cutting head can be used to make any corrections necessary to the axial displacement of the focusing lens.

A capacitive sensor maintains a constant distance between the nozzle and the sheet.
The system is provided with a nozzle cleaning and sensor calibration kit. After executing a predetermined number of pierced-holes or parts, the machine automatically executes the nozzle cleaning and sensor calibration cycle.

The head is equipped with a magnetic anti-collision system (Safe Impact Protection System – SIPS) which releases the head from the Z-axis to avoid damage in the event of collisions with the workpiece.
On the standard cutting gas distribution panel there is a 2-position selector, most commonly for Nitrogen and Oxygen, allowing automatic switching between the two gases

  • Work area 6.070 x 2.045 x 120 mm
  • Electrowelded structure in carbon steel
  • It can be equipped with up to 10 Kw Fiber Laser
  • Less than 1 second for first piercing times
  • Low operating costs and reduced maintenance
  • Quick Installation
  • Can include 3 suite options to adaptable for different operations
  • SMART Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut, e CONTROL Cut
  • Integrated CNC from Prima Electro, OpenLaser 2D e l’HMI Laser 2D
  • Compliant with Industry 4.0 guidelines

As the name suggests, the new machine is “sharp” to cut any material. The Laser Sharp fiber head is designed and developed by Prima Power to achieve cutting quality and excellent dynamics on all materials and thicknesses, also thanks to adaptive optics for automatic management of focal position and diameter. The certified mechanical structure of the laser head makes it suitable even for the highest cutting pressures, while the sealed and protected cover resists the most difficult environments.